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These exclusive Re-Mastered Versions of the Tracks are NOT available on streaming platforms

The Song Pack Bundle Includes:

Neon Night

"Neon Night" is my most successful single to date... Reaching #18 and #55 on iTunes Electronic Charts in Mexico and Canada respectively 

This Future House track was inspired by guys like Don Diablo and Flume. It's about a person being lost in the desert and being saved by what they think is a goddess, but isn't sure if it was all an illusion or not

Too Young

"Too Young" was my second release with artist, Pat Ross. It's our highest streaming song so far on Spotify 

This track is inspired by artists like Calvin Harris and Skrillex. I wanted it to be a fun club track. Pat really knocked it out of the park with the hook when he came up with the lyrics literally out of nowhere in a moment of pure inspiration. 

Wrapped Up in Your Love

"Wrapped Up In Your Love" was my first release ever as Nekter Gun. It is the 4th track that Pat Ross and I collaborated on 

This track has strong hints of Trop House fused with Acoustic Pop and Commercial House Music. It all started with Pat Bringing me a hook he really liked, which ended up becoming the pre-chorus instead. Then we threw some horns and synth leads on it and it became its own thing 

Plus These Free Bonuses:

Too Young Lyrics Video

 Surreal Lyrics Video


  • Neon Night: Future House 
  • Too Young: Tech/Slap House
  • Wrapped Up In Your Love: Trop House
  • Bonus Lyrics Videos for "Too Young" and "Surreal"

This Offer Is Only Available Here!!!

These masters are not available on streaming platforms... They are exclusive to my Email list

But it's for a limited time only...

A little bit about Nekter Gun

My mission as an EDM artist and producer is to make the best possible music for you to enjoy. It is my sole mission in life to make amazing dance and pop tracks for the world to listen to as the soundtrack to special moments in life. 

One Day I Just Decided To Take The Leap of Faith Into Music and Never Looked Back

Since then, the Universe has put me on the road to learn and grow with some of the best producers and artists in the world. I've never been the same...

Me with mixing and mastering legend Luca Pretolesi

Me with Multi Grammy winning engineer Jacquire King

Dinner at La Fabrique Studios with some of the most talented artists and producers in the world! 

It's been a magical journey for me and I want to share it with you through my songs... To show you that I really am TRULY GRATEFUL, I'm offering these exclusive Re-Mixes and Masters to my Email Subscribers only 

I'm so honored to have been able to make you all this happy so far!!! 

I'm not just trying to sell you stuff... I want to create lasting meaningful relationships with all my fans. This is really what it's all about. But to keep me capable of creating more music for you, I need to make money to keep the wheels turning! Otherwise, I would just gladly give this to you for free

Why I did this for you...

Since the first day I started producing, I was on a mission to become the BEST possible producer I can be. No shortcuts. Just hard work and dedication to this craft. 

It has been a little less than 2 years since I have released my first single "Wrapped Up In Your Love" with Pat Ross, and looking back at the short time since the release, I realized I have been through SO much. 

I've gotten to learn from 4 different multi-grammy winning producers and engineers. I've gotten to understand my tools better. My ears can hear things in such a different way since then, that I realized I needed to give these songs some TLC for you! 

I want to make sure you have the best listening experience possible!!!

Not only did I re-master, but I also re-mixed "Wrapped Up In Your Love" and "Too Young" . I feel these versions better represent who I am now as an artist and producer. 

While I did want to update "Neon Night", I felt the mix was sitting nicely, so I just added some bass and to the master, and made the whole track LOUDER and more dynamic. 

Of course there's more to it than that, but these are the things I want you, the listener, to experience and enjoy! 

I will always consider these 3 songs my "firsts" and they hold a very special place in my heart. 

Remember that I will eventually release these re-mixed and mastered tracks to the general public (streaming platforms), 

but high quality downloads are only offered here on this page!!!

So enjoy them before I take this offer down! :) 

Thank you! 
-Nekter Gun

Here Is Everything You Get Today:

  • Neon Night: Future House 
  • Too Young: Tech/Slap House
  • Wrapped Up In Your Love: Trop House
  • Bonus Lyrics Videos for "Too Young" and "Surreal"



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